DVIDS – News – USACE Galveston awards contract for geotechnical exploration in Harris and Chambers counties, Texas

DVIDS – News – USACE Galveston awards contract for geotechnical exploration in Harris and Chambers counties, Texas.

GALVESTON, Texas – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, awarded a contract, Aug. 2, to Kenall Inc., an 8(a) small business, in the amount of $394,125.34 for geotechnical exploration (field and laboratory testing) along the Houston Ship Channel in Harris and Chambers counties, Texas.

Geotechnical exploration work for this project will include land-based exploratory soil borings (a process using a rotary auger to drill into the earth in order to sample the soil at various depths), soil sampling and soil laboratory testing as part of the Houston Ship Channel’s Dredged Material Management Plan Study.

“The soil borings will be conducted within 12 existing upland confined placement areas along and serving the Houston Ship Channel operations and maintenance activities,” said David (Brad) Boothby, a civil engineer with the Geotechnical and Structures Section, USACE Galveston. “Routine soils laboratory testing will be performed to measure physical properties of the soil samples recovered from the boreholes.”

According to Boothby, the results will be used to classify the soils and to determine approximate strengths of the soils.

“Results of the geotechnical exploration will be used to perform levee slope stability analyses for the upland placement areas and to determine approximate allowable maximum levee heights and ultimate placement area capacities for placement of dredged maintenance material,” said Boothby.

According to Boothby, the Houston Ship Channel DMMP is required to address dredging needs, disposal capabilities, capacities of disposal areas, environmental compliance requirements and potential for beneficial usage of dredged material.

Work is scheduled to begin in August 2011 and expected to be completed by November 2011.


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